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Eight Steps to Success

Les is More Coaching (Creating Your Path) is about your vision, your mission. By creating your own vision and mission, you are beginning to create your possibility. First, follow the 8 steps and you will be on your way to your own business! Dream and plan in the midst of each step; create possibility.
Business Integrity 101


• Why you want to create this?
• What do you aspire to?
• What impact will this have?
• In 3 years, what will it look like if what you are doing is working?


• What will you do and how will you achieve it?
• What can be used to evaluate current business activities?
• How do others think of you connected to this activity?
Les Is More Coaching
Creating Your Path


What is your purpose?


Who or what is your avatar?


What are your goals?


What will your pathway be to achieve your goals?


Where or what is your dream?


Create your milestones (yearly, monthly, weekly, daily, from future to present.
Your Potential Starts Here
Together we'll transform your communication - and your world!

Quality Coaching

These 5 qualities resemble a great coach. Where do you start? Right here.


Your coach has a foundation of faith, family, business and positioning that you resonate with. Your coach is committed to their faith as you are committed to yours.


Respectful, trustworthy and honorable; you are willing to be coachable.


Provision of testimonials that speak to the questions you have about the integrity of the coach, the function of the coach, the price of the coach and the results of the coach.


Does your coach match your personality? Does their personality resonate with you as soft when they need to be soft and tough when they need to be tough. The coach is not a bully, instead listens extremely well. Also, can the coach recreate you? When issues are voiced, can the coach restate it in such a way that you know they are for you and understand you.


Performance based pay. From the beginning, there is an agreed upon price that is paid monthly. Depending on agreement, a quarterly or annually bonus is paid to the coach, solely based upon the increase in your revenue. Your coach is an unofficial partner in your niche.
Les Is More Coaching
Creating Your Path

Communication's Integrity 7-Steps

Listening & Hearing

Telephone Exercise, Listen through filters of life, and Active

Looking & Seeing

Active Vision, Peripheral Vision What do we not see?

Being Present

Cellphones of today, eye contact, body position, interactive listening, time clock watcher


Starting---Clearing---Attentive to the audience Um's, Ah's, So, You Know, ...BUT, I try, However, Sure, Right
Volume: Quiet vs. Loud

Body Language

85-95% of our communication is non-verbal Ways of talking, crossed arms and legs

Being in Another Person's World

Listen for what might be happening in their life, be aware of all the points on this page, and ask questions, do not assume! It makes an A** of YOU and ME

Mindset / Manifestation

Vision, Prayer, Meditation, Visualization, and Manifestation
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