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Executive / Business & Personal Coaching Services

Are you looking to take your career, your company, or your team to the next level? Make the Impossible Possible with Les is More Coaching!  What do you want in your life? Using a variety of techniques, such as face-to-face coaching, virtual coaching using Zoom and on-site seminars, Les will help you leverage your existing skills and resources while implementing effective new communication tools to transform your world. Les will show you communication tools and techniques to enhance your relationships. Les is known for his ability to not simply give a keynote speech, but create an experience that you and your group will never forget.
Executive / Business Coaching - Clear communication is essential for running a great business. As an executive, it’s imperative that you know how to deliver your company mission statement clearly to both employees and customers. With Les’ executive and business coaching, trainings, and small-group breakouts, you’ll learn to implement the pillars of communication in your workplace environment. MORE.
Personal Coaching - Tools and Techniques to Enhance Your Relationships. Communication is the foundation of all great relationships. Intimacy – the goal for every close relationship – can be better understood broken down to its components: into me you see. Unfortunately, effective communication is also something that few people do well. With Les’ personal coaching, you’ll learn invaluable communication techniques for making the important people in your life and in your workplace feel seen, heard, and understood. MORE.
Keynote Speaking - Unforgettable and Valuable Corporate Events. Looking for a unique and valuable alternative to your usual company event? If you want a keynote experience that your employees won’t forget, then contact Les Hill. Les brings his Sommelier training and wine expertise to your business, group or organization. MORE.
DISC Personality Assessment - Are you looking to be more insightful as to what makes you tick? Get your own customized DISC Personality Assessment. They are designed to help you better understand yourself to reach your full potential. MORE.
businss flower

Business Flower

Here is how it works is: First, we start with looking at your integrity. Then, we add accountability to hold you accountable for your integrity.

Then we look over and see the
structures for fulfillment where what we look at is goals your intentions. We also do vision / mission - the who what how about your business and look at all of that as part of the integrity of looking at your business.

Then, we look at who your worst enemy is (probably the person in the mirror) and work to correct that (which is

We also you can see that this business flower is supported by
health and well-being and it has a main statement on the main focus of faith family and business where we work on a work - life balance. 

You'll also see a
green line around the entire structure. This symbolizes our partnership to accomplish mutual goals.
A Holistic Approach to Executive / Business and Personal Coaching
Les takes a holistic approach to coaching to your business or personal life, giving you the tools to communicate better, resolve conflict well, and experience business, financial and personal freedom!
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