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Personal Coaching

Make the Impossible Possible with Les is More Coaching! What do you want in your life? Are you focused on personal goals like reducing stress, developing positive relationships, creating a better work-life balance, or improving your health? Or are you more interested in professional goals such as starting a business, getting a promotion, or becoming a more effective leader?

Communication Tools

Tools and Techniques to Enhance Your Relationships. Communication is the foundation of all great relationships. Intimacy – the goal for every close relationship – can be better understood broken down to its components: into me you see. Unfortunately, effective communication is also something that few people do well.

You’ll get the training and tools to achieve successful and intimate personal relationships by:
Giving clear non-verbal communication cues
Using intentional language
Being present in the conversation, and
Being connected to your surroundings
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With Les’ personal coaching, you’ll learn invaluable communication techniques for making the important people in your life and in your workplace feel seen, heard, and understood.

No matter what areas you’re working to improve, Les Hill’s personal coaching brings you effective strategies to live a richer, fuller & more satisfying life! Les offers face-to-face coaching in the Twin Cities area, virtual coaching (using Zoom), wine dinner events and more!
A Holistic Approach to Executive / Business and Personal Coaching
Les takes a holistic approach to coaching to your business or personal life, giving you the tools to communicate better, resolve conflict well, and experience business, financial and personal freedom!
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