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DISC Personality Assessment

Are you looking to be more insightful as to what makes you tick? Get your own customized DISC Personality Assessment. They are designed to help you better understand yourself to reach your full potential.

DISC Discovery Report

The extended discovery report is all about you. After answering 24 simple questions, you will receive a computer generated personalized report that reveals your strengths, motivations, how you work best on a team, suggestions on how to better relate with others, and much more!
The report provides valuable insights on team member selection and development. It is designed to show you how to cultivate relationships both personally and professionally. You will be able to identify and provide ways to better meet your own needs and the needs of those you work with.

Leadership version of this report is specifically designed to help individuals become more effective leaders.
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A Holistic Approach to Executive / Business and Personal Coaching
Les takes a holistic approach to coaching to your business or personal life, giving you the tools to communicate better, resolve conflict well, and experience business, financial and personal freedom!
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