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Keynote Speaking

Are you looking for a unique and knowledgeable keynote speaker? Les is known for his ability to not simply give a keynote speech, but create an experience that you and your group will never forget.

A Uniquely Qualified Keynote Speaker

Les will change the way you speak, listen, learn, and interact, transforming your workplace environment – as well as your life! Les offers groundbreaking new techniques and methods for mastering communication essentials such as:
Giving clear non-verbal communication cues
Using intentional language
Being present in the conversation, and
Being connected to your surroundings
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Unforgettable and Valuable Corporate Events. Looking for a unique and valuable alternative to your usual company event? If you want a keynote experience that your employees won’t forget, then contact Les Hill. Les brings his Sommelier training and wine expertise to your business, group or organization.

By creating a wine and food tasting experience that seamlessly integrates winning communication strategies, your team will learn to communicate powerfully in a relaxed setting. Les offers wine-tasting and communication event options for every budget.
A Holistic Approach to Executive / Business and Personal Coaching
Les takes a holistic approach to coaching to your business or personal life, giving you the tools to communicate better, resolve conflict well, and experience business, financial and personal freedom!
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